KS: parent of a Yale University student

“I am writing to thank you for your advice concerning my son N and his college applications within the context of his learning differences. We took your advice and sent the schools a “disabilities package” which included N’s personal statement on the subject…

He was accepted to [all ten of his Regular Decision schools], and we are so relieved. He has terrific options and we’re thrilled that he will be attending Yale University.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise and providing reassuring words during such a difficult time.”

SK: parent of an Emory University student

“Carolyn asked the hard questions that pushed my daughter to identify the real point in her Common App. essay. The final product was impressive and we are grateful for her advice. She would be a tremendous help to students of any writing ability.”

AW: Student attending Princeton University (early action acceptance)

“Words cannot describe how much I want to thank you for your help during senior fall. You’ve turned my dream into reality… Thanks for believing in me when I stopped having faith in myself…”

DKWatson Fellow, University of Iowa MA – writing program student, doctoral program applicant.

“I first worked with Carolyn when I was a student at Wesleyan University, and applying for a Luce Fellowship. Carolyn’s feedback on the drafts of my application materials helped me to make my writing more direct and my ideas more clear. I was a finalist for the Luce, and received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, for which Carolyn helped me think through every step of the interview process. During my fellowship year, she was generous, perceptive and reassuring as I negotiated the difficulties of living abroad. Three years later, as I applied to Ph.D. programs, her feedback on my personal statement was incisive and helped me to express my own voice in my writing more clearly than I could do on my own. Throughout my work with Carolyn, she has been accessible, encouraging, and a fabulous editor. It’s been a tremendous gift to be able to work with her.”